Sardine Recipes

Sardine Recipes

Sardines are small, oily fish that are one of the smaller types of fish in the herring family. The name 'sardine' is believed to come from the Italian island of Sardinia, where many sardines are farmed, although sardines can be found in almost all of the oceans in the Northern Hemisphere. Sardines often come canned in brine, olive oil or tomato sauce, but you can also get them fresh from fishmongers at certain times of the year. Canned sardines are brilliant for using in sauces and stews, and fresh sardines are wonderful for marinating or stuffing. Take a look at some of our recipes below for inspiration for using both canned and fresh sardines.

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About Sardines:

Sardines are actually pilchards, and vice versa, but what they are called depends on where in the country you are and what time of year it is. Sometimes, pilchards are classified as young sardines and vice versa, whereas other criteria states that for a sardine to be a pilchard it must be larger than 15cm in length.

Whichever name you feel like calling your fish, they are chock full of nutrients and vitamins, including omega-3 and heart-healthy oils. They also contain plenty of vitamin D, B12 and protein, and because they are low in the food chain they contain very little dangerous contaminants, such as mercury. The humble sardine is really one of the healthiest fish you can eat.

Take a look at some of our delicious recipes above for inspiration, including a stuffed sardines recipe, a sardine and anchovy dip and a sardine and chorizo stew. uses measurements and ingredients for the United Kingdom. If you are located elsewhere in the world, you may find makes more sense to you!

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